Brand concept

The Corporate Logo

The symbol of HAKUTSURU SAKE is an inspiring modern form of the eponymous white crane, a traditional trademark. The white crane's powerful wings are extended as if in flight high up in the sky. They also form an oval that protects the crane's head and creates the feel of a dynamic sun-like orb.

This symbol was introduced in 1979 as HAKUTSURU adopted a corporate identity system ahead of the industry, established at the same time as the corporate slogan, "To friendship for all time". Today, this symbol is known to a great many people, and is a good example of a well-designed Japanese brand logo.

Features of the HAKUTSURU Brand

Kobe, a perfectly suited location for making sake

HAKUTSURU SAKE Brewing Co., Ltd. is located in the Nada district of Kobe, a leading sake production center known throughout Japan. The Nada district has high-quality natural spring water and cold winters -- two ideal elements for brewing sake. Also, the hometown to a craftsman's guild for sake brewers from the region, known as Tamba toji, is located nearby. The brewers' superior skills have certainly been an important factor in the sake's quality.

The spirit behind sake brewing

Our mission is to work with the toji master brewer to carry forward traditional sake brewing methods. Without taking up the challenge to try new variations, however, the full value of the tradition cannot be realized. HAKUTSURU SAKE actively incorporates new technologies and equipment, adapting them to traditional practices to produce sake in a way that elegantly suits modern day needs.

Pursuing an ideal

Biotech research today plays a major role in the continuing evolution of sake brewing. HAKUTSURU SAKE values tradition, and at the same time incorporates advanced chemical techniques to develop new products and ensure safety at all times.